Facebook integrationΒΆ

To enable Facebook integration in CM Social Connect, first you need to create a Facebook application.

Go to https://developers.facebook.com/, under menu item “My Apps” you click “Add a New App”.


Select “Website” in the popup.


Enter your application name and click “Create New Facebook App ID”.


Select a category, click “Create App ID” button.


Enter the URL of your Joomla! website and click “Next”.


Now you see a “Finished!” message at the bottom of the page.


You scroll to the top of the page, click “Skip Quick Start” button on the right side to access your new application’s configuration quickly.


In the Dashboard of your application, you click “Show” button of App Secret to see the app secret.


Enter your Facebook password.


Now you can see your app secrect. You need to enter your app ID and app secret on your Joomla! site.


In your back-end, go to Extensions -> Plugin Manager, search for “CM Social Connect - Facebook integration” plugin.


Edit the plugin, you set “Status” to “Enabled”, enter the app ID and app secret you see in your Facebook application dashboard.


Save the plugin. Go to your site’s front-end, now you can see the Facebook icons in registration form, login form and login module.

Login form:


Registration form:


Login module: